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The Peace silver dollar is a brilliant AND resilient silver coin minted from 1921 – 1935. Each coin contains .77344 oz. of pure silver when in brand new condition. The Peace dollar was alloyed with.100 copper to give it more strength. Peace silver dollars were minted at Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints. The Peace dollar was a true symbol of peace, with the eagle on the reverse of the coin sitting calm, wings folded.  The obverse depicts a radiant Teresa de Francisci, the wife of the sculptor of the Peace dollar posing in her husband Anthony`s studio. These coins were in circulation during the roaring twenties, and are still considered money today.

  • .77344 oz. pure silver
  • Low premium over spot
  • Almost Uncirculated condition
  • American Classic Silver Coin

The Peace silver dollar AU is a top seller because it’s in great condition and has a lower premium. People who buy Peace silver dollars like the idea of owning a commodity that has potential to increase in value faster than the metal content itself. There is a limited supply of Peace silver dollars available and the next big wave could wipe them out for good. These coins are great for protecting your wealth and keeping it private. People who buy Peace silver dollars also buy American Silver Eagle coins and Morgan Silver Dollars.

A coin in almost uncirculated condition is really a great way to go. You get a coin that may have some of its original mint luster with sharp high points. There may be a small nick or bag mark present somewhere but what you’re really interested in is a silver coin in decent shape. We think you will be happy with these Peace silver dollars and encourage you to take advantage of our free shipping.

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