Buy Silver Rounds Online

The smart investor knows that silver rounds give you the most for your money. Here at Midwest Bullion Exchange, we offer you a great selection of the best silver rounds on the market. The 1 oz silver rounds, like the 1 oz Walking Liberty Silver Round, is a popular choice. Being almost identical to the Silver Eagle coin design, the Walking Liberty Round is sure to please you with its lower premium over spot price. All the rounds we offer are minted in the US, often by the Highland Mint.

We also carry fractional silver rounds. Fractional rounds make great gifts for those getting started with precious metals. Some of our favorites are; The 1/10 oz Buffalo Silver Round, The 1/4 oz Morgan Silver Round and The 1/2 oz Walking Liberty Silver Round. Ordering multiple coins of the same size and storing them is easy because they stack together beautifully. We know you will be satisfied with the quality of these silver rounds and highly recommend them as a hedge against inflation. As we often say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you normally purchase coins, add some diversity with rounds.

Not a fan of holding your precious metals in physical form? Send them to a secure vault for storage or include them in your retirement fund. All the silver rounds we carry are eligible for your Precious Metals IRA. If you don’t have one yet, we would be happy to get you started. Call us to learn more today!