Buy Silver Coins Online

Investors who buy silver coins like the idea of holding a tangible asset that is liquid, safe and affordable. For years Midwest Bullion Exchange has been helping its clients nationwide buy silver coins online that in most cases are freshly minted and shipped in the original mint packaging. Our most popular products are minted in North America with the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf getting the most attention. Other silver coins like the Chinese Silver Panda, The Austrian Silver Philharmonics and a wide variety of silver coins minted by the Perth Mint of Australia, gives today’s investor plenty of options.

Because silver coins are minted and produced by the government, the coins are considered “legal tender”. The typical coin for example includes a unique design on the obverse and reverse, a logo or slogan, the date it was minted, the coins purity, how much silver is in the coin and a value usually denominated in dollars. We ship the coins in specially designed tubes that typically hold 20 – 25 coins. Many of our customers like to buy mint sealed monster boxes that hold anywhere from 250 – 500 coins.

The past few years has seen a record number of new investors buy silver coins, and we have seen several times where the mints got behind and couldn’t produce the silver coins fast enough. What makes silver coins so unique and coveted by investors these days is the value. Firsthand knowledge that can be easily found on the internet says the great silver stockpiles are at all-time lows and their simply isn’t enough silver above ground to go around if the markets crash or the currency collapses. It is also a well-known fact that JP Morgan is mysteriously taking physical delivery of large amounts of silver since 2012 with estimates being at or around 80 million ounces.

If you want to buy silver coins but have questions give us a call at 888-928-3390, or use our convenient online store.