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Buy 90% junk silver coins online!

Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. specializes in delivering 90% junk silver coins in a variety of different sized bags. We have 90% junks silver bags in increments of: $100 face value, $500 face value and $1,000 face value available for delivery to your door. You can choose bags containing all Franklin Half Dollars, all Kennedy Half Dollars or a Mixed; which contains primarily Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters.

All the junk silver coins are pre-1965, when the US Mint still used 90% silver. Junk silver is still recognized as legal tender and can be used as currency. The survivalist community likes the idea of a silver bullion coin that is great for trade and barter, and for its pure silver bullion content. The silver bullion investor crowd likes the idea of owning a silver bullion coin with a small premium over the silver spot price, and is easy to liquidate. The collector likes owning a piece of American History and real silver. Buy junk silver coins and junk silver dimes online today!