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Silver is hands down the most widely used and important of the noble metals group. Its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and its conductive properties makes silver almost irreplaceable in industry and technology. But silver is also considered a form of money and has been valued for hundreds of years for its intrinsic value as well. The US Mint produced coins up until 1965 that contained 90% silver that were available as dimes, quarters, and half-dollars.

When compared to other commodities, the price of silver today is cheap! Historically gold and silver sells at a 17:1 ratio. Many highly legitimate experts in the silver field have cried foul insisting there is a conspiracy by a few Wall Street BIG banks to keep the price low. This theory makes a lot of sense when you consider the above ground stockpile of silver is at an all-time low. We feel silver should be a part of every portfolio and invite you to learn more about the benefits of owning silver bullion.

  • Silver Coins: Modern day silver coins are beautifully designed and easy to buy mint direct. The coins we sell in most cases are freshly minted and stored in mint tubes that hold 20 – 25 coins. Sealed monster boxes of 500 coins are available and make it easy to store your silver coins. The American Silver Eagle is the most popular silver bullion coin available and is approved for the Precious Metals IRA. Silver coins are considered legal tender and are minted in a sovereign government owned facility.
  • Junk Silver Coins: Coins that contain 90% silver. This is a product everyone should consider. Silver bags are available in dimes, quarters or half dollars all minted 1964 or prior, when our coinage contained 90% silver. In most cases junk silver is sold by face value so $1000 face value of dimes would include 10,000 dimes. $1000 face value of quarters would include 4000 quarters, and $1000 face value of half dollars would include 2000 half dollars. We also refer to this as a junk bag of silver. A half bag would include 5,000 dimes or otherwise $500 face value. Each $1000 face value bag weighs approximately 56 lbs. and contains 720 oz. of silver.
  • Silver Bars: The most practical and economical way to buy pure silver bullion. Silver bars come in a variety of different sizes and are minted by some of the world’s top private mints. The most common size silver bars are 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., Kg (32.15 oz.) and the 100 oz. silver bar. Some of the top private mints include Sunshine Mining in Idaho, Johnson-Matthey, Republic Metals Corp., and Highland Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint is a government mint but still produces some of the best silver bars available. Silver bars can also be easily held in a Precious Metals IRA, or your own private vault.
  • IRA Eligible Silver: If you want to protect your retirement assets from inflation we suggest you learn more about the security of a Precious Metals IRA. This program allows you to hold government certified silver coins and silver bars in your retirement. Call us at 888-928-3390 to learn more about this program and others designed to help you protect your retirement.