Why People Buy Gold

When gold was first discovered at Sutter`s Mill in Coloma CA., John A. Sutter knew this was big. After all in 1848 $20 went a long ways for example a good rifle was only $75, horses were $100 – $150 and a haircut and shave just $2. Today gold bullion is considered by many to be the ultimate safety net for their retirement assets. Gold has been around for thousands of years and has always been considered a measure of wealth. Gold is very unique and is consumed globally for jewelry, investment, manufacturing, technology, and medicine.

Gold is a very dense metal and highly malleable. 1 ounce of gold can cover an area of 300 sq. feet. Gold is considered the ultimate noble metal and is highly sought by investors and government regimes worldwide. The most important fact about gold is well before the US dollar or any other fiat currency, gold was primarily considered money. The value of our money and our monetary policy was based and measured by the amount of gold we held in our vaults.

  • Gold Coins: Long considered the most popular way to buy gold bullion. Gold coins are available in a wide variety of sizes with the most popular being 1oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, and the 1/10th oz . Gold coins are made by some of the world’s most prestigious mints like the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and the Austrian Mint. Each of these mints must meet strict guidelines for purity, content and weight of the products.
  • Gold Bars: With the lowest premium over the spot price, gold bars demand serious attention from investors who want pure .9999 24 karat gold. Gold bars are available in a wide variety of sizes with the 1 oz and the 10 oz being the most popular. The bars are minted by some of the world’s oldest and prestigious mints like The Perth Mint – Australia, numerous mints in Switzerland and Europe, and the Royal Canadian Mint and the Sunshine Mint here in North America. We ship the bars in the original tamper resistant packaging with matching assay card, serial number and certificate of authenticity.
  • IRA Eligible Gold: One of the biggest concerns investors and retirees have today is protecting their wealth. The US dollar, Wall Street and the banking system has left many people feeling a bit betrayed. Enter the Precious Metals IRA, a program that allows you to own certified and good delivery approved precious metals in your IRA. We carry a large variety of gold coins and gold bars that can be held securely and privately in your retirement account.