Gold, Silver, and Platinum Live Prices

This page is designed for investors who want to learn more about price trends for gold, silver and platinum. These charts are easy to use and can be accessed by clicking on each of the three images below. Once you reach the page of your choice, you can choose any time frame beginning with 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, YTD (year to date) 1 year and 10 year (all). It is also possible to select a custom date range by entering the period you choose and entering the dates in the boxes to the right of the chart. You can also select different markets and indexes to make price comparisons. The markets include The Dow Jones, Crude Oil, S&P 500, US dollar, S&P Euro, and the other metals included in the chart.

Why our customers use these charts

There are many different strategies used by investors who want to buy gold bullion, silver bullion and platinum bullion. Since the price of these precious metals trade 24/7, many of our customers tend to look for dips in the price, or are looking to see the metals pricing trend over a specific period of time. There are many factors to consider when you buy precious metals and price is near the top. The prices displayed in our charts come from a worldwide market feed that measures several different factors and fundamentals including supply and demand, Geo – Political and global economic instability. We hope these charts give you a better idea regarding the market activity of gold, silver and platinum bullion.

Dollar cost averaging

One of the most prudent ways to buy gold, silver and platinum bullion is over time. Instead of buying into price swings and volatility, we recommend a program where purchases are made in intervals. Predicting price or when a market is going to rise or fall is not an exact science. In many situations we have seen where a customer holds out for a price, and usually ends up paying more in the long run. The safest strategy over time has been to gradually accumulate over time. We believe when you buy gold, or any other certified investment grade precious metals products your assets are safe and your wealth secure!