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If you want to buy gold and sliver online, you want to only deal with a trusted and reputable dealer. At Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc., we’re proud of the fact that we are the only licensed and bonded precious metals dealer on the internet.

Licensed and Bonded

Trust is big stuff these days, especially when it comes to the internet, and with so many online gold and sliver dealers out there, very few have the highest quality reputation and track record that Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. has. This reputation has come through dedication, hard work and by always putting our customer’s best interests first. You’ll experience this difference yourself the very first time you place an order with us.

We don’t spend huge sums of money on advertising and celebrity spokespersons just telling you we’re safe and trusted because, when it comes to trust, words alone don’t mean much. Besides, in the end, you the customer wind up paying for all those ads with higher prices. That’s why we chose instead to provide you with the added safety of backing every gold and silver purchase with surety bonds and licensing. We think every online gold and silver dealer should follow our lead by getting licensed and bonded as well but they choose not to, because they don’t have to.

That’s why Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. is considered by thousands of investors to be the most trusted and reputable precious metals dealer in the United States! We are licensed by the Department of Commerce of the state of Minnesota and bonded to protect the interests of each customer. As a result, our employees are required to pass rigid back ground checks and must exceed all state guidelines. To coin a popular advertising slogan, instead of asking “What’s in your safe?”, at Midwest Bullion, you never have to ask the question “What’s in your sales reps background?” That’s just not the case with other online dealers.

As a serious investor, you want and deserve to do business with highly trained, trustworthy representatives who can tailor each purchase to meet you, the customer’s, specific needs. If you’re looking for a reputable precious metals dealer that is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, and that you know you can trust, we want to welcome you to Midwest Bullion Exchange… your “Trusted Precious Metals Partner”!

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