100 oz Asahi Silver Bar

Best Silver to Buy

Scott Hage Silver

When our customers ask us what is the best silver to buy we generally recommend silver bars. And why not you are still getting .999 fine silver that is certified IRA ready, and the premium over spot is much lower than that of some of the popular silver coins. Silver bars are convenient to store and easily fit into a personal safe or lock box. Silver bars are a great option for those who want to store metals in a precious metals depository. Silver bars are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes with the 100 oz silver bar and the 10 oz silver bar being the most popular. The bars are generally stamped with the refineries mint mark, and also includes the weight, purity and in most cases a serial number.

Investors who prefer to keep silver bullion in their IRA generally prefer silver bars because of the lower premium over spot which allows the investor to accumulate more ounces. Silver bars are considered a store of wealth product, which in simpler terms is like a savings account. With silver bars you get the security of protecting some of your capital in a hard asset like silver bullion, and you get to make a play on the silver market as well. It should also be noted that silver bars are very easy to liquidate whether it is from a depository program or silver bars you hold personally. Liquidity is the main reason you need to ensure the quality and authenticity when you buy silver bars.

These are a few reasons we feel these bars are the best silver to buy, and why you should consider silver bars for your hard assets portfolio. We encourage you to call us at 888-928-3390 with any questions you have concerning our silver bars or any other products.