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Bullion DNA anti-counterfeiting technology is a security tool offered by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). The Royal Canadian Mint has long been a leader in the precious metals industry and has built a reputation for producing the highest quality bullion products in the marketplace. RCM is continually looking for ways to innovate and transform the gold and silver bullion industry, with the Bullion DNA program giving RCM the edge over all other mints, where authentication is concerned.

Having gold and silver bullion in your portfolio is essential and is your portfolios last line of defense. It is important you have complete confidence in the precious metals you own to do the job when the time comes. Beyond that it`s vital you stay ahead of the economic curve with assets of high integrity that offer unparalleled liquidity. This is why we recommend products minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Never before have we seen so much ingenuity and research put into a bullion product. We feel these products are a testament to the high caliber of excellence the Royal Canadian Mint is known for.

Beginning in 2014 every die used for the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is micro – engraved with an anti – counterfeiting security stamp. The “DNA” reader makes it possible to see the images encrypted with special code that can be used to validate the coins authenticity. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin was included into the program in 2015.

The Bullion DNA technology is a great benefit to not just investors, but dealers like Midwest Bullion Exchange that engages and makes a market for the Royal Canadian Mints gold and silver bullion products. We believe you will begin seeing other mints begin developing their own version of the Bullion DNA program. If you want to protect your assets we recommend you buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. We also recommend you buy Canadian Silver maple Leaf coins, while the price is low.RCM DNA Dealer - reduced size