Sales on the American Silver Eagle Coins Hit a Record High

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2013 American Silver Eagle

According to the United States Mint, sales on the American Eagle Coins have surpassed the 2011 annual record high last week. We are only in mid-November and sales are already at 40,175,000 ounces, which is 307,000 ounces more than the entire year of 2011. It comes as no surprise since the sales for silver bullion coins have been strong all year. When the new 2013 coins were released in January it only took ten days for the U.S. Mint to announce a temporary sell out. The coins have been under an allocation process during the entire year so they could be sure that authorized purchasers could make an order. This is because the demand exceeds the supply even though the U.S. Mint has been utilizing both their facilities in San Francisco and West Point.

We will continue to see a rise in sales considering the most popular months to buy precious metals are from September to December. Silver has remained affordable while the price of gold is too high for many to invest in. Buy Silver Now!

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