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4th Quarter Rise? (Or Dive??)

There has been plenty of thought given these days by highly noted gold and silver “gurus” as to why precious metals have seen such a precipitous fall to levels near the cost of mining production. Our most savvy precious metals customers are scratching their heads looking for a plausible explanation … [Read More...]

PAMP Suisse Fractional Gold Bars

USD on Thin Ice!

Gold and silver prices moved higher the past few weeks fueled by a struggling US dollar. The world anxiously awaits this week's announcement of the unemployment report for June after seeing clear signals last month the economy is shrinking. We will also possibly learn more about the wind down of QE3 … [Read More...]

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Global Currency Reset

Gold is currently being quoted at $1293 an ounce and was $1396 an oz 1 year ago today and saw its 12 month high August 27th, 2013 ($1416.00 per oz) Gold is currently down 9.5% from its 12 month high. Silver is currently sitting at $19.50 an ounce and was $22.65 an oz 1 year ago today. Silver prices … [Read More...]

rise in gold

Metals Hanging Tough!

Gold bullion was at a 12 month high 1 year ago (May 8, 2013) $1473.90 and hit a low of $1186.65 (24% difference) on December 19th, 2013. Gold is currently 13.5% below its 12 month high. Silver bullion spot price saw a high of $24.37 on August 28th, 2013 and hit a low of $18.51 on June 27th, 2013 … [Read More...]

Gold – USD Showdown

The pressure is mounting on all economic fronts as we approach summer 2014. With April already in the books, the Fed is in drastic QE shutdown mode and is aggressively reducing its bond purchases, which in the past have been major rally killers for the precious metals complex. What is really … [Read More...]