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1 oz Johnson-Matthey Silver Bar

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

If you are considering silver bullion for your portfolio and have done any research at all you no doubt have come across the name Johnson Matthey. Silver bars minted by Johnson Matthey are considered by many to be the best way to buy silver bullion for many reasons and liquidity is at the top of the … [Read More...]


Gold Bullion Bars – What You Need To Know

Gold bullion has become a hot topic for investors worldwide and yet many know very little about it. Gold has been considered a form of wealth for thousands of years but in the new age of investing, which began in the early 1900`s, gold has taken a backseat to government backed currencies. Franklin … [Read More...]

silver bullion

Buy Silver Bullion Online – What You Need To Know

Silver is a precious metal (Ag) that has many uses in manufacturing and has no real substitute. Every cell phone, computer, and electrical appliance known to mankind uses silver. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal and is also the most reflective. For thousands of … [Read More...]

US Mint Reports Record Silver Coin Sales in 2014

One question we hear quite often is, if the price of silver is dropping why are we seeing shipping delays for American Silver Eagle coins? Our standard reply is the tremendous disconnect between the physical silver markets and the futures market. Futures market silver prices dropped nearly 20% in … [Read More...]

4th Quarter Rise? (Or Dive??)

There has been plenty of thought given these days by highly noted gold and silver “gurus” as to why precious metals have seen such a precipitous fall to levels near the cost of mining production. Our most savvy precious metals customers are scratching their heads looking for a plausible explanation … [Read More...]